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A New Roads Recovery Success Story!

Hey my name is Tony, I’m 23 and I’m from Bozeman Montana.  I am in the New Roads Foundation and things are going better than ever, which isn’t something I could have said eight months ago.  Growing up my child hood was normal.  I played baseball, basketball, and golf, throughout school, and did whatever I could to get me outside.

High school was a little different.  I still played sports and worked hard to keep my grades up, but it seemed more like a popularity contest and I was definitely more concerned what my friends thought about me than what my family did.  In high school I experimented with alcohol and different drugs. It seemed like everyone was doing it, and that everyone was having so much fun.  I started out drinking warm beer in my friend’s dad’s basement, and I’m pretty sure I threw up after drinking about two or three.  Throughout the years I occasionally drank, and smoked weed here and there. I graduated high school with high honors and felt like a pretty normal kid, if you can define “normal”.

I left home and went to college.  I had golf and academic scholarships to Rocky Mountain College, which was a couple hours from Bozeman.  While in college I continued to experiment with other drugs, but this is when I truly began to feel like I fitted in.  I was drinking all the time, and smoking weed every day.  I tried a lot of party drugs such as ecstasy, along with acid and mushrooms.  I tried to manage my schooling, but between golf and partying I couldn’t keep up and I ended up taking the next year off.

I moved to California and after working construction for about a year I decided to get back into school.  I ended up getting into SDSU and once again I dropped out because I could not get my priorities straight.  While in Cali I met people that were using hard drugs regularly, the ones that I never even thought of using.  Cocaine and heroine were two that I don’t think I even saw until I was almost 20, but 4 years later I can tell you everything there is about them.  I used cocaine for just over a year.  I learned that I could work better, party harder, and stay up longer when I used cocaine.  Then I learned that I could manage my crashes and actually get to sleep if I threw some heroine in the mix.

My love affair with heroine took everything away from me.  In the short period I used it, I lost everything.  I stopped using cocaine all together and spent all my money on heroine.  I sold heroine to pay for my heroine.  I had multiple run ins with the law, spent time in jail, and pushed away my family and friends.  Within a few short years I racked up a record with the police, one that I don’t know will ever leave me, I overdosed twice and almost died, and turned into a full blown addict with no regard for life.  There was a point, my parents said, where they were afraid to answer the phone because they thought it would be a call telling them I was dead.

Then I was given the opportunity to do the Foundation drug rehab program at New Roads.  I had done multiple programs in the past, but this time it was on me because I had used all my parent’s resources and they had given up hope that I would ever change.  They told me I had to be committed for a longer period of time, a lot longer than the standard 90 days, and that I had to be willing to work for it and give it my all.  I was already behind the 8-ball and figured I really had nothing else to lose so I gave it a shot.

In the seven months I have been in the Foundation, I am closer than I ever have been towards reaching my goals.  I am planning on going back to school next year, I have all my court obligations and fines paid off, I have true friends who don’t use me for what I have, and I have rebuilt my relationship with my family.  In my addiction I sold drugs and screwed over anyone I could to make a quick buck, now, I work with other addicts in recovery and make an honest living.  In my addiction I pushed away everyone and fought the law, now, I’ve learned that no one is subject to life’s rules and regulations.  In my addiction I would go months without talking to my family, now, I call my mom every night before I go to bed.

It’s crazy how bad my life was a year ago, and how good my life is now.  I am so thankful for the opportunity I’ve been given, and I know I wouldn’t have been able to do it if it wasn’t for the Foundation.

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