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A Positive Outcome After Drug Treatment! Good Job Eli!

Everyone loves a good success story, right? Well we at New Roads absolutely love to see our clients graduate the program and go on to lead successful, fulfilling lives. Many of our alumni keep in contact and provide us with updates as to what is going on in their life. Just recently, New Road’s graduate Eli Waldrip contacted his former therapist Anna Marasco, who was more than pleased to hear all about how well he is doing!

Post-graduation Eli moved back to his hometown of Soldotna, Alaska. He loves his new sober life and putting his recovery first. Eli moved back to Soldotna to re-unite with his ex-wife Hannah and their adorable daughter Kali. Eli is even coming up for promotion at his job as an oil field painter. Eli is now nearly 9 months clean and sober and as happy as can be. We at New Roads could not be more proud of this graduate!

We encourage all of our clients at New Roads to keep in contact with us after they graduate. We want to know if they are doing well and what they are doing in life or if they are struggling and need a little extra help. Since August of 2009 New Roads has been building a community of support through graduates and professionals all working to the same goal of long term addiction recovery.

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