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Busy Week for the New Roads N.R.T.H. Program

Nicole helping New Roads NRTH program

New Roads NRTH Clients Learning Some New Skills

Hello friends and coworkers at New Roads!

This last week was a busy one for the New Roads N.R.T.H. program. The module that we focused on involved the life skill of taking Public Transportation. Most of the clients were not very familiar with the UTA trax and bus systems. I took this is a great opportunity to show them how to use the rideuta.com website in order to find itineraries for different times and destinations. The clients should find the public transportation system to be very useful when going to a job or school.

On Wednesday, we decided to apply what we had learned during Monday’s group and do an experiential activity. Using the UTA website, we planned out a route to take from the apartments to one of the clients’ schools in Murray, so that he would know how to get there on his own. A few clients were a bit frustrated with the unfamiliarity of using the public transportation system, but with a bit of trial and error and a lot of validation, they were feeling quite confident in their abilities to find their way around. :) The clients did a fantastic job and afterwards we went took the Trax to get coffee in downtown Salt Lake City.

On Thursday we went grocery shopping, encouraging the clients to choose healthier food options, though with some it is a continuous process and we are all still learning :)

On Friday for the lunch group, one of the clients taught the group how to make latkes, a traditional Jewish Potato Pancake. The clients enjoyed this activity and the food tasted delicious!

You can read more about the New Roads N.R.T.H. long term mental health program here.

Thank you all for your support!

Nicole S.

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