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DBT in Drug Rehab: G.I.V.E & F.A.S.T

By Kristen Sroczynski


Good afternoon, DBT New Roadians and Bloggers!

We had a great week gathering together as clinicians and educators last week in our DBT training. We were able to completely invest in our family team, our clients, our program, and our continued progress in making us an elite DBT facility. It was exciting and rewarding to hear that we are ahead of the game. We still have some more work to do, but nonetheless, we are moving forward and I am passionate about our DBT program and the direction we are taking. I'm honored to be a part of the continued education with the DBT skills and thank you all for the continued support!

Last week we looked at objective effectiveness using the famous skill of DEAR MAN. Remember? I presented a DEAR MAN asking for chocolate for Brittany and myself. As we move into this week we are working on our relationship effectiveness and our self-respect effectiveness.

Often times here at work, I can be pulled in different directions, clients can be very demanding without using any patience, I might be getting lashed out at for asking clients to follow a rule, in a hurry to run a group, or to catch up on notes. Life around the New Roads parts can move pretty fast . It's easy to react  in my relationships rather abruptly and before I know it, I'm yelling, "CALGON TAKE ME AWAAAAYYYYY AND YOU, LEAVE ME ALONE! " ( I would never actually say this to a client, but the thought has crossed my mind! )   :D
Because saying stuff like the above or reacting rather than responding, is not the best way to attend to my relationships, I use the skill of GIVE to be more effective in my relations.

G- I use a gentle approach by not attacking and staying away from the "You should.....", statements
I- I act interested by maintaining eye contact, having an open body position,, and paraphrasing
V- I validate the feelings and the experience
E- I use an easy manner with my tone, volume, and presentation

I am known for my ability to deliver what I like to call "Carefrontation." I am not a "sugar coater", but I do use care and concern in my communications with our clients. I practice the skill of FAST.

F- I am fair in my interactions
A- I don't apologize for calling it like I see it
S- I stick to my values and speak a lot of integrity
T- I am always truthful

Hopefully, ya'll can use these skills in your own lives! Try 'em...they work if you work 'em!!! PRACTICE, PRACTICE AND VALIDATE, VALIDATE! After you use them, then you can have Calgon whisk you away! Lol! Have a great week, my dearest New Roads family and friends!

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