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DBT Morning Lesson – Radical Acceptance:)



Good afternoon, My New Roads Blog family! :)

Awwww! A beautiful Tuesday! Opening my eyes and using my awareness to bring forth a "half-smile", I reflect on all of the wonderful things I get to do today! I edge myself to the side of the bed and proceed to stand up when I hear my bones a cracklin'. I go to move forward and my right leg is severely stiff. I head to the kitchen and realize I'm out of coffee:(! "I'm too old to feel like I do with no coffee," I say to myself.


Just a sign of the rest of my morning I guess.  From there, I go to my closet to figure out what I'm going to wear. Horribly indecisive, I pick out pants and a shirt. Putting the jeans on, I notice they are considerably tighter than they were last week. Next the shirt..."Oh God, this one won't work, it draws attention to my "healthy tummy:)!


Next...Crap!, where did that hole come from? God, grant me the strength.... Lol! Third times the charm, I could wear this one, but no clean matching undershirt! Ok, ok, breath...I head to the dryer and there...cue choir of angels...is one that will work! Whew!" Lmao:) I didn't approve of how my morning was going, but I accepted it nonetheless. Painful as it was,I was able to radically accepted that not all mornings run as smoothly as I would like.

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