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DBT skills in Drug Treatment

Here at New Roads we bring a holistic approach to our drug treatment program.  One of the models we use is teaching the skills of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy or DBT.  In an on going series of blogs we are going to share with you some of the lessons we focus on  to give an inside look at the program.


Kristen Sroczynski is one of our substance abuse counselors here at New Roads and consistently runs skills groups with our clients.  She shares some insight into one of her groups below:


Good day to all! We continue to our work on the emotional regulation skill set at the residential treatment center. We discuss the goals of training our emotional regulation.


1.) Learning to identify emotions as they are experienced-applying mindfulness skills of observe and describe.


2.) Learning to identify what gets in the way of reducing intense negative emotions by analyzing the functions of emotions-the purposes they serve or need they fulfill.


3.) Learning to decrease negative vulnerability- to prevent negative emotional states by reducing the likelihood of being overly sensitive.


4.) Learning to increase positive emotions and thus to reduce negative emotional sensitivity.


5.) Letting go of painful emotions by being mindful to them, instead of fighting them.


6.) Modulating or changing a negative or painful emotion by acting in a manner opposite to it.


Our clients participated in making an emotional regulation "cue card". When they are feeling vulnerable to oversensitivity or overreacting, they can go into their private rooms and reflect on their cue card to help them regulate and TO PRACTICE THEIR SKILLS:)!

We ask our mentor staff to challenge clients on the things they do to help them emotionally regulate.  We ask mentor staff to offer clients new suggestions of ways they can discover what works for them to build mastery and build positive experiences.  Also, to focus on the "now".  We as a team strive to continue to practice the skills as well so we can effectively model them for our clients. We Check in with them to see if the skills of PLEASE, build mastery, build positive experiences, and opposite action are working for them.  If they aren't, what we as a team can do to help them utilize the skills more effectively.

Have a great day!


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