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Drug Rehab in Utah – Interview with a Life Coach

New Roads Treatment Centers, a Utah addiction treatment program is life coaching - teaching young adults how to manage the nuts and bolts of life.  Our life coaches come from many different walks a life.  Here is an exert from a New Roads Life Coach with years of sobriety...

drug_rehab_life_coachingWhat would you tell the addict?

I know where you are and where you have been…I know your past has been hard and there are probably some issues there you don’t want to visit, but understand living in the here and now is all there really is, you kind of have to let go of the past and forget about the future.  There is always hope.  Remember that.

What is your definition of addiction?

Someone does not have the ability to stop using or behaving in a way they cannot control without obtaining help.

What are some very telling signs a person is in trouble?

Rapid weight loss, loss of interest in fun activities, withdrawn from family and friends, sporadic attitude and thoughts, inability to make sense of simple things.

What would you tell the love ones trying to get addiction treatment help?

At the beginning holding boundaries – setting strong ones, enforcing consequences. The family needs education on how to deal with addicts – making sure they are helping and not enabling.  They need to participate and heal themselves in the recovery process.  A drug rehab center should always have a family program involved in the process.   A lot of the times the family is just as sick as the addict.

What is your view on effective and ineffective treatment?

Effective treatment is individualized for the person – not one size fits all.  Enforcing and using scare tactics for treatment is not conducive to positive outcomes, treatment that creates too much of a structured environment where clients just comply and not have do the work can cause resentment and be useless.  Addicts are resilient, they can white knuckle programs with high levels of structure and no accountability for their own decisions.

What questions would you ask or what would you look for in a program?  What makes a program different, special?

I would ask what makes you think you can help?  What are the credentials of staff and experience? What is personal philosophy of the facility?  What is the success rate?  Successful drug rehab programs need to have a variety of modalities and assignments.  The physical location is more of a personal preference then an important therapeutic tool, personally I prefer the mountains to the beach.  I would ask about the measures taken to ensure the safety of the clients.

What are your personal views on length of stay?

The amount of time an individuals spend in treatment plays a huge part in success rates.  There are some very concrete 30 day programs that can act as a strong stepping stone for long lasting recovery, however I do think aftercare is needed whether it is a transitional program or a sober living environment.  Research shows the longer an addict is in treatment, the better chance they have of maintaining sobriety.

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