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First Week of the New Year for NRTH

Nicole helping New Roads NRTH programHello all!

Good morning and happy new year to all! As everyone is getting back from vacations and settling back into a 2014 routine, the NRTH program is in full swing once again!

Last week was an atypical week,  instead of working on a new module we focused on goal-setting. In the spirit of the New Year, I sat down with clients during Monday group and we talked about personal and program ambitions for the week—and in the grand scheme of things—the rest of the year. Focusing specifically on goals relating to our modules and assignments, I emphasized that unless we are implicating what we learn into our daily habits and routines, then what is the point of learning these things at all?

Some of the weekly goals we discussed include laundry, keeping our environments clean, better self-care, accountability, healthy dieting, exercise, communicating better both in treatment and work, quitting smoking, and budgeting/finances. By the end of the group, clients each devised his own goal to work on for the week, the progress of which we would check up on during our Friday lunch group.

For Friday group, I taught the clients how to make enchiladas and I also brought my juicer for the clients to try out. We discussed how we did on our goals for the week; some clients did much better than others, but of course obtaining new and healthy habits is a continuous progress.

Nicole Shaw

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