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How Many Days Sober ??

By Brittany Horigan

The New Roads Team wants to encourage any and every one suffering from addiction to seek the help they need. While in active addiction, reaching out for help may be the single most difficult and scariest thing for a person to do. “I can no longer live with the drugs, but I also can’t live my without them,” is a mindset countless addicted individuals fall into in the depths of despair before seeking help. It is in this frame of mind when a person sees know way out, feelings of entrapment close in and any glimmer of outside hope can save a life.

Individuals in recovery exemplify that spark of hope. Even if unbeknownst to yourself, you and your story may be the difference between life and death to a complete stranger. Think of it in a sense of paying things forward. In active addiction we did so many things we are not proud of. But changing our lives for the better; that is something to be proud of!

We are the faces of sobriety. We are the success stories. Most of all, we are living proof that one can overcome drug addiction no matter how hopeless their situation may seem. The New Roads Team wants to utilize these faces and success stories of recovering addicts to spread hope that others can also change their lives!

How many days do you have sober? Tally up the total number of days you have sober, display it proudly in a creative way and capture a photo posing with the number of days. Email all photos to brittany@newroadstreatment.com and give hope to those individuals who so desperately need it!

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