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Inside Rehab – Questions with a Young Adult Treatment Counselor

How do you assess suicide risk in drug treatment?

There are the normal signs that can show some insight – depression, isolating, acting out, among others…But you never really know.  The most important aspect is to ask questions.  Many times clients just need a platform or someone to ask them if they are having these thoughts.  It is not always the easiest subject to talk about.

Narcissism in young adult treatment is normal…where does this come from?

Although this is not always the case it does show up quite often.  The addict showing traits of a narcissist does not general feelings of superiority.  It is usually a sign of strong feelings of inadequacy.

What aspects are important in choosing counseling techniques for drug rehab?

There is no easy way to figure out what is going to be most effective for the client.  It takes some time to develop a rapport.  Normally the two most import factors determining treatment for addiction are the intellectual capacity and mental health status of the client.

What are some ways of building a strong trust and rapport for addiction counseling?

Something that is really important that clients don’t realize is that it is impossible not to communicate.  All non-verbal, body language and demeanor can say a lot about how to build a safe environment and relationship.  It is important for counselors to remember the clients will have their own interpretations of their non-verbal ques as well.

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