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Kari’s Addiction Recovery Success Story

IMG_1132Kari is a residential and transitional living program graduate from New Roads Treatment Center. Kari came to New Roads after a long bout with her heroin addiction that followed her father’s suicide. Upon her arrival Kari knew she had a long road ahead of her with a lot of hard work but was willing to tackle the task head on.


During her almost one year stay at New Roads Kari worked with her primary therapist, Dr. Don Beck, and the entire New Roads team to build a healthy future. She was able to celebrate her father’s life on the anniversary of his suicide sober for the first time with the support of the New Roads’ community. She mended important family relationships and was fortunate to gain her independent identity free from substances.


Kari now has a career with the United States Postal Service, a home of her very own and healthy, sober relationships. We are so proud of Kari and pleased to see how wonderfully she is succeeding in her sober life!

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