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Michael Mills Joins The New Roads Team!

Michael MillsRecently New Roads added three superb team members to our staff.  Michael Mills is the most recent primary therapist joining us from Legacy Outdoor Adventures. Michael has two decades of experience in this field and will be an outstanding addition to our Clinical Team. Marco Sumi and Lisa Elliott are the newest members to our wonderful team of mentors. We are very lucky to have all three joining us.

Drug treatment can be an emotionally difficult career, we like to share some words of encouragement and tidbits about the program when our team grows.  Here are some insights into New Roads coming from the people closest to it...

I'm so happy you are on our team!! You are doing so great already!
I think our culture really values hope and the belief that anyone, no matter who they are, can get better. We have success stories all around us so its easy to keep that belief going. Our company also invests a lot in our employees. We have on-going training and development, making it a really great place to work. Not to mention all of the wonderful seasoned clinicians, medical staff, mentors and experienced executives.

Lastly, I would say that because of our strong staff and the modalities that we use, we really pride ourselves in being able to take a very complex case. Most other programs wouldn't be able to take an 18 yr old BPD client with a heroin addiction. I think we do a really great job at it too.  - Jessie


 One thing that I like (and I like many things, most others have mentioned them), is how we as a clinical team refer to clients as "ours" not "your client". I think when one client is struggling, it is helpful for the whole team to recognize ownership and we all support each other in our sometimes difficult work. - Tracie


I believe that we work hard to understand each client through their own perspective with out judging them, then try to empower them in a direction of positive change. - Spencer


I like to touch on right up front are the fact that we are young adult specific, (18 to 28), all of our clinicians are masters level or higher, we accept insurance, our residential program is a 90 day minimum, and we are dual diagnosis. - Crystal


I find it best to answer from my own personal experience since I myself went through the program after going through a number of others. I find that New Roads is very unique in that it caters specifically to young adults, which can be a very difficult demographic. We don't shy away from the difficult cases that other programs may not be as equipped to handle. I, at times, was a very difficult client and my 18 months as was filled with a number of bumps in the road, despite those bumps New Roads never gave up on me. Rather than getting kicked out when I made mistakes, the staff worked with me to learn from my negative behaviors and strive for a better future. 


I found, through personal experience, that the continuum of care we offer between the RTC and Trans was key to my recovery. I returned to the RTC twice after moving up to Trans due to slip ups, had I not had that option I don't think I would be successful in sobriety today. It took me making those mistakes to realize I really did want to be sober and New Roads afforded me the opportunity to learn from and amend my behaviors in a safe environment by returning to a higher level of care. - Brittany


  The New Roads way to me is flexible and committed. It promotes quality care for unique individuals within a therapeutic community. I feel a major strength is that we're team oriented and passionate about helping people find recovery and renewed purpose in their lives. - Jordan


New Roads is a great place not only because our dedication to the clients, but also because of our staff. The staff has a loving and caring feeling, this runs through the clinical team all the way through the admin team. Everyone feels that all clients and their families should be given a chance at sobriety and happiness. - Corey



We've seen firsthand the pain of addiction with our own loved ones.

It's this motivation that sustains and inspires us to accomplish what we do.

We hold hope and the fundamental belief that all clients can get better.

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