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New Roads Extended Care Drug Rehab Program Snowboarding Trip

What a beautiful day on the mountain!  New Roads extended care drug treatment clients were able to take full advantage of the snowboard park at Brighton Ski Resort up Utah’s Big Cottonwood Canyon.

The day started out with the community’s morning reflections group.  Everybody was in a great mood anxiously awaiting the beautiful scenery that can only come from finding peace during drug rehab in Utah.  After stopping for one of Utah’s famous breakfast burritos it was up to the mountain resort for half pipes, rails, and a ton of snow!

The community was accompanied by Life Coach and recreational drug treatment counselors Peter Busch and Jessie Dennerline.  Clients formed groups based on experience level so that experience fostered the community to bond.  After a high energy morning full of a variety of runs a group lunch at the mountain lodge was great for recharging everybody.  A few more runs in the afternoon and no injuries(yay) and everyone was ready for a nice cup of hot chocolate and the trip home.

The next trip can’t come soon enough!

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