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New Roads NRTH Program Gets Off to a Good Start

New Roads To Healing (NRTH) is a Long-Term Transitional Mental Health Program


New Roadians,

This past week we kickstarted the NRTH program! On Monday we had a scheduled group at 1pm; normally, this entails introducing and going over the new module for the week, understanding client expectations, and planning the weekly meal. But this week, I wanted to just map out the program for the clients because they had many questions. We went over the weekly schedule, discussed NRTH program goals, and I explained to them the rewards-based system that we will be adopting.

On Wednesday, after receiving their money, the clients went grocery shopping. I came along and provided a sort of guidance if the clients had any questions regarding nutritional food options and budgeting grocery money. The clients were very receptive to this and I was impressed to see them choosing healthier food options than what they were used to.

On Friday, we had planned out a NRTH program community meal; they had spaghetti and meatballs. Every Friday, one client is in charge of creating a wholesome and nutritional lunch for the group. Some of the clients were apprehensive when I explained that this would be expected of them, claiming that they 'don't cook', but they had positive attitudes about it and I am excited to see them push their limits and leave their comfort zone.

Regarding med management: This week we are working on helping the clients to establish a routine based on their individual schedules and needs.

Thanks everybody!

Nicole Shaw


Nicole Shaw

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