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New Road’s Outpatient Director Speaks On Suicide

Corey Markisich, Outpatient Director at New Roads Treatment Centers was recently interviewed about the recent epidemic of suicide in some smaller Utah county's.  He was able to give some insight into the problem and help set up some processes for possible long term solutions.

Markisich has been very helpful in getting the community resources together for a March suicide prevention forum in Helpe, Utah.  He was quoted:


"There are so many factors that contribute to depression and suicide, from stress, depression and substance abuse to anxiety an other factors, people need to know that there is help and they don't need to end their lives," he said. "We have to stop the idea that suicide is the only way out."

For the full article and interview visit Carbon County's leading newspaper online at: http://www.sunad.com/index.php?tier=1&article_id=27311

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