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New Roads Receives Newest DBT Training

DBT in Drug RehabKristen Sroczynski, LSUDC

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We here at New Roads Treatment Centers hold hope and the fundamental belief that ALL people can get better! We are a dual diagnosis facility, meaning we are skilled at helping people who struggle with chemical dependency as well as mental health disorders. We specialize in using Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) as a way for our clients to use effective coping strategies. What is DBT you ask? Well, it's just as it sounds...Dialectics...or dialogue.



DBT was originally developed by Marsha Linehan, Ph.D. DBT is best used for treating Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), multi-diagnoses, difficult to treat individuals, and severe mental health disorders. We, with a caring and compassionate staff, treat the individuals that most treatment centers say are too difficult to work with. We are privileged that our wonderful CEO, Eric Schmidt, invests in us as a clinical team, and our clients to provide the best care and treatment possible. Our clinical staff is receiving the most current and cutting edge training in DBT in order to treat chemical dependency, self-harming behavior, the chronically suicidal, and BPD. We have had the honor to be trained by Josh Smith, from The DBT Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and most recently, by Linda Dimeff, Ph.D, from the Portland DBT Institute.

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When Linda came to train us, we spent two full days learning the newest techniques in DBT and how to take our treatment centers to the next level in specialized care. Our entire clinical staff along with our marketing team and the educational consultants we work with hunkered down to learn how to serve our clients and their families the best way possible. It was really exciting and fulfilling to know we are doing our best to be great at what we do in caring for our clients!



We focused on the unbearable crisises our clients suffer from; relationship problems, substance abuse, eating disorders, self-injurious behavior, extreme emotions, repeated suicide attempts, and disassociation. Basically, extreme affect and emotional dysregulation. We work hard to validate our clients, and with DBT we see an increase in client's self-esteem, treatment retention, and positive adjustments in both general and on a social level. We integrate change with acceptance!



I'm going to toot my own horn for a minute:) I am the DBT skills trainer for our residential program, our transitional program, and our outpatient program. I was told that the skills training I provide for both clients and staff, is some of the most creative out there. I work really hard to make it fun, promote learning and present it in easily applicable fashions. I learned different behavioral strategies to coach our clients to use the skills in their day-to-day lives. They learn mindfulness techniques, interpersonal effectiveness, emotional regulating skills, and skills to tolerate pain and distress. I was able to learn great new ways to present the skills to our clients so that they can benefit the most from them.



As a rock star team and family, we worked to learn to enhance client capabilities, provide structure, improve client motivation, reinforce a generalization to natural environments, and compliment therapist skills and motivation to treat our clients and families effectively. Behavioral dysregulation, quiet (or loud) desperation, feeling incomplete, and problems in living are what we here at New Roads aim to treat with kindness, care, and understanding.



In conclusion, if you or a loved one need help and want the best treatment possible, New Roads is where you will receive the finest of care from executives educated in recovery, some in recovery themselves, educated and skilled therapists, licensed Substance Abuse counselors, and a front line staff with heart, all that show up to change lives.


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