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NRTH at New Roads Update

NRTH at New Roads Nicole ShawHello!

Happy Holidays to all! This past week was a good one for the NRTH program. Our module that we went over was one of the most basic (and yet essential) life skill sets—laundry!

In our Monday group we discussed the importance of keeping up with our laundry, what products and settings to use, etc. The clients had insisted that they already knew how to do laundry, but I am glad that we had this group because everyone learned quite a bit about hot/cold settings, handling the delicates, when to use the permanent press, etc. Needless to say, it was a very information-packed group :)

The clients had done a fantastic job figuring out the public transportation system, so as a reward we took the trax to The Gateway in downtown Salt Lake and went out to eat for our Friday lunch group. The NRTH clients’ kitchen at the 4 seasons looks as spectacular as ever, so they earned their last reward for the kitchen module a few weeks prior (a new mop and trash bags). The clients, however, did not quite make their laundry module goals for the week, so they did not earn the free detergent that New Roads would have provided for them. Maybe next week. Practice, validate, practice :)

Have a fantastic week everyone! I hope to see some sincerely heinous Christmas sweaters!

Nicole Shaw

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