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Success After Drug Treatment!

One of the most difficult aspects to measure a drug treatment center by is successful outcomes.  Although every program has a good idea of how many of their clients complete their program or graduate versus how many don't.  This can be a good indicator of a caring staff at a program, but not so much for long term positive outcomes.  We understand how important this idea of successful long term sobriety is to families seeking help for a loved one.  We encourage all of our graduates to keep and touch and let us know how they are doing so we can get an idea how are program is affecting clients in the long term and if changes need to be made.


Meet Ray Russo, he came to New Roads Residential Treatment Center from Rhode Island after multiple failed attempts at treatment and a very serious heroin overdose.  Resulting of his most recent overdose Ray suffered extreme memory loss and was desperate for change. He knew he wanted to better himself and that he did.


Ray spent more than a year completing New Roads’ residential, transitional living and outpatient programs. Through his journey in treatment he built lasting friendships, repaired relationships with his family, resolved legal issues and built a solid foundation for a fulfilling and sober  life.


Today, Ray lives in Salt Lake City with his girlfriend. He has a career working for Elevated Billing Solutions, a company that specializes in insurance billing for substance abuse and mental health services. This allows Ray to give back by advocating to obtain funding for individuals in need of the very treatment that he says saved his life. We couldn’t be more proud of Ray for his successes!

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