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Therapeutic Services in Utah Drug Rehab


The Utah drug treatment program admissions process involves several comprehensive assessments of each resident’s condition and specific issues or needs, including medical, psychiatric and psychosocial status. Whenever possible, collateral information is collected from additional resources including family, schools and previous treatment provider(s).

Medical/Psych Assessment

Medical Director - Board Certified Addictionologist: Dr. Troy Lunsford - Dr Lunsford will conduct a medical and psychiatric assessment. We will also utilize outside resources of family referrals to aide this process.

Psychological Services

Psychological Services are provided by contracted psychologists. These services may include a comprehensive assessment of personality characteristics, intellectual functioning, social adaptability, and screening for organic dysfunction. Occasionally, residents may be referred to psychologists that specialize in areas outside of the scope of specialty of the New Roads staff.  Many Utah drug treatment centers are connected and share  available resources when necessary.

Chemical Dependency Assessment

The first assessment that is utilized is a chemical dependency screening.  This interview examines psychoactive substance use and related issues, establishes a baseline and identifies areas of need and issues.  The assessment measures seven chemical dependency-related domains: drug use, alcohol use, medical problems, psychiatric issues, legal issues, family/social issues, and employment/support issues.  The assessment will also help to determine if there are any psychological issues that would prohibit your loved one from attaining complete recovery, if there are any risks for danger to self or others and if there is any propensity towards mood, personality or cognitive disorders. This assessment also evaluates a client’s treatment and recovery belief systems and determines if there are any indicators that your young adult child would be resistant to the treatment process.

Psychosocial Assessment

The psychosocial assessment reviews a client’s medical history, family history, leisure and social functioning, developmental history, educational functioning, legal history, drug and alcohol history and any significant events that could impact your teen's treatment process.

Individual Family Sessions

Individual sessions with young adults and their family members will be conducted by the Family Therapist primarily for the purpose of assessing family therapy needs to complete treatment goals and addressing conflicts and sensitive issues that the family may prefer to discuss privately rather than address in group therapy sessions.

Multi-Family Group

This group is held on Saturday one time a month.  It is open to all clients and is facilitated by the Family Therapist.  The multi-family group addresses issues that are common to all families such as communication, handling conflicts, and maintaining boundaries. It also gives us all a chance to “Re -identify” who we all are. Family members and residents share in a supportive atmosphere.  This group also provides families with feedback and support from other family members who are experiencing similar difficulties.


Prescription Drug Overdose Leading Cause of Injury Death in Utah

Now more than ever addiction does not discriminate.  A stigma exists that opiates and other mind-altering drugs in pill form are medications, and not controlled substances.  Addiction spreads across all races, social and economical classes, and all different faiths.

KSL news recently reported on a new study done by the Utah Department of Health.  Researchers discovered from October 2008 to October 2009 of all drug overdoses, more than half were from prescription drugs.

view the following link for the story.



What to Bring to Drug Detox in Utah

Detox is normally a 3-5 day process

Detox is normally a 3-5 day process

Drug Rehab in Utah starts with a very important first step - Detox.  Most detoxification centers in Utah will have the bare essentials for what is needed to successfully compete the process. However, detoxing from alcohol or drugs such as morphine, Heroin, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Xanax & Valium, marijuana, cocaine & amphetamines is physically not the most pleasant and can be eased a little by bringing some niceties from home...

1. Personal Towels/Bath Robe - Most detox centers in Utah will have facility issued towels.  These are not always the highest quality as they put through the machine washer many times over.  Having your own towel and robe can provide a bit more privacy and comfort.

2.  Swimwear for Sauna - Many detoxification facilities are providing some time in a sauna to help release toxins and rejuvenate the body during this draining process.  It is always a bit more relaxing having your own clothing items.

3.  Personal Art/Decor - Some times while going through detox in Utah, it can feel a little cold.  Bringing some photos of family and friends or personal art that helps put your mind and body in a peaceful place can be beneficial while detoxing from drugs or alcohol.

4.  CDs, DVDS, Ipod - There is down time during this process of recovery and detoxification.  Personal music and movies can be soothing, warm, and uplifting while you detox in Utah.

5.  Sandals, Slippers, Contacts, Eyewear - While detoxing in Utah you are in a relaxed environment.  Plenty of trips in and out of bed.  It is a good idea to have some easy where sandals and the appropriate eyewear.

Some basic items you do not bring or will not be allowed to bring to detox centers in Utah...

1. Glass containers
2. Mouthwash
3. Medications
4. Stuffed animals/pillows
5. Laptop computers


Drug & Alcohol Detox in Utah at New Roads Treatment Centers

Utah_Detox_roomNew Roads Drug Detox program is open to all adults and offers a medically supervised comprehensive social detoxification for alcohol, morphine, Heroin, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Xanax & Valium, marijuana, cocaine & amphetamines. Our board certified physician uses the most advanced protocols to make sure clients remain in comfort while detoxing, which increases the completion of a full and healthy detox.

Drug and alcohol detoxification includes a set of interventions directed to cleaning toxins from the body and easing a client through acute intoxication and withdrawal. At New Roads, detoxification is focused on reducing the physical drawbacks caused by the abuse of drugs or alcohol. The New Roads medically supervised detoxification program includes 24-hour nurse support in order to prevent potential medically complicated situations that may develop if the client was left untreated.

At the same time, detoxification is helping to reduce the intensity of a substance abuse disorder. New Roads detoxification program is not focused on psychological, social, or behavioral problems resulting from alcohol and drug use. The program provides a base to treatment and the first step to the road to recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.


Transitional Programming for Young Adult Drug Treatment

Young Adults in our Transitional program receive treatment while living in a supported and sober apartment. Transitional treatment combines life coaching, drug treatment, and mental health counseling to help young adults effectively build their lives and free themselves from drug and alcohol addiction. Visit our website for admission and program information.

We have included a floor plan below:



Drug Treatment & Life Coaching In The Splendor Of Utah

Drug Treatment & Life Coaching In The Splendor Of Utah

Are you ready to get that drug problem out of your life? Many people have already done just that, but no one can do it alone. You'll need the help of skilled professionals and of others who've learned to live a drug-free life. This Utah-based treatment facility does more than just provide a beautiful setting in which to detox. Getting clean is just the beginning. You'll need to learn new life skills and strategies for managing yourself and your environment. One of the benefits of this program is that life coaching is part of the package. Let's be honest. Those of us with addictions don't know how to live well.

You are not alone - whether it's crack, prescription drugs, heroin, marijuana, or other chemicals. It doesn't matter which drug you're hooked on. The real question is, are you fed up with having it run your life? The time to get help is now. This facility specializes in treatment for young adults so you can get clean with others like yourself.

How much have you already spent on your addiction? If you don't get help, you're going to pay the price of feeding your habit physically, emotionally, and financially. Why not turn things around and invest the money and energy into something that will help you get a start on a new road in life.


Drug Rehab in Utah for Young Adults and Families

In addition to replacing behaviors, our rehabilitation programs aim to improve one’s health, identity, and goals.


  • Group counseling
  • Individual therapy and counseling
  • Family therapy
  • Life coaching
  • Fully furnished apartments including utilities
  • Educational options
  • Medication management/assessment
  • Employment opportunities
  • Life skills groups focusing on self-reliance and "real world" experiences
  • SCUBA certification
  • SCUBA excursions (additional cost)
  • Recreation
  • Community service opportunities
  • Random drug testing
  • 12 step based meetings
  • 24/7 staff support in residential, detox, and transitional programs
  • Employment support
  • Integration with current treatment providers
  • Age -appropriate relapse prevention planning