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What to Bring to Drug Detox in Utah

Detox is normally a 3-5 day process

Detox is normally a 3-5 day process

Drug Rehab in Utah starts with a very important first step - Detox.  Most detoxification centers in Utah will have the bare essentials for what is needed to successfully compete the process. However, detoxing from alcohol or drugs such as morphine, Heroin, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Xanax & Valium, marijuana, cocaine & amphetamines is physically not the most pleasant and can be eased a little by bringing some niceties from home...

1. Personal Towels/Bath Robe - Most detox centers in Utah will have facility issued towels.  These are not always the highest quality as they put through the machine washer many times over.  Having your own towel and robe can provide a bit more privacy and comfort.

2.  Swimwear for Sauna - Many detoxification facilities are providing some time in a sauna to help release toxins and rejuvenate the body during this draining process.  It is always a bit more relaxing having your own clothing items.

3.  Personal Art/Decor - Some times while going through detox in Utah, it can feel a little cold.  Bringing some photos of family and friends or personal art that helps put your mind and body in a peaceful place can be beneficial while detoxing from drugs or alcohol.

4.  CDs, DVDS, Ipod - There is down time during this process of recovery and detoxification.  Personal music and movies can be soothing, warm, and uplifting while you detox in Utah.

5.  Sandals, Slippers, Contacts, Eyewear - While detoxing in Utah you are in a relaxed environment.  Plenty of trips in and out of bed.  It is a good idea to have some easy where sandals and the appropriate eyewear.

Some basic items you do not bring or will not be allowed to bring to detox centers in Utah...

1. Glass containers
2. Mouthwash
3. Medications
4. Stuffed animals/pillows
5. Laptop computers

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