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Young Adult Rehab – Top Ten Behavioral Signs for Addiction

Many struggling young adults show both behavioral and physical symptoms of possible drug or alcohol abuse.  The following are behavioral elements to watch for in individuals that may be in need of help or possible admittance to drug rehab.

Anger and/or depression cycles that have no real trigger or trauma behind them.

A new circle of peers, a distinct change in schedule, not wanting to talk about old friends or being overly dramatic in any conversation.

Showing a loss of interest in previous hobbies or interests that they may have been passionate about.

Lack of performance or failing in work or school environment or avoiding them altogether.

A loss of ambition and motivation, walking around in a haze or not really caring.

Always arguing or being defensive, acting paranoid or if everyone is just “out to get them.”

Constantly being caught in lies, unexplained money losses or buying habits.

A disregard for hygene, lowered self-worth and change in appearance.

Loss of cohearance or memory, inability to have a rational conversation.

Always isolating, staying in their room, removing themselves from any all communication with friends and loved ones.

These signs and behaviors are not guarantees a loved one is struggling with addiction.  They are simply a combination of symptoms to look for or make yourself aware of if there is suspicion of abuse.  At one time or another everybody shows a behavior or two listed here, it is when these processes become more evident and consistent over a period of time that something must be done before it is too late.

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